5 Tips To Improve Your Team or how to move a piano ⇒

Projects succeed when we empower teams with information and independence. As leaders, we must claw beyond our egos and the perception that we alone must know and do everything. We can’t and won’t ever have enough capacity to move the piano alone.

Reshape the Crisis to Succeed ⇒

Problem solving often involves alternative thinking.  When we think we’re stuck between two forces in strong opposition we can achieve our goals by reshaping the situation for success.  Sometimes we need to create the alternative.

Jump Higher Than a Flea ⇒

We condition ourselves by the limits we feel.  We restrict ourselves and never stretch to new heights.   Just like the fleas, we fail to jump higher, thinking our current strength is our outer limit.

3 NASA Steps to Fix Failure ⇒

When something goes wrong we often assume that the mission is finished.  By using these three NASA steps we can fix failure and our mission will succeed.

$10 Quandary ⇒

Life is filled with ethical choices that appear mundane and often lack clear answers.  How we respond to daily challenges helps build the person we are and the communities we desire.  And, sometimes, we just don’t know how to proceed.

“I’m Supposed to be Honest”⇒

Simple acts of kindness help heal the world.  How can we extend care and compassion to others and help heal a hurting world?

Frogs of Freedom ⇒

Do you ever sense you’re in water over your head?  When starting a new job, relationship, or task, we often feel that there is too much to know, too much to learn and not enough time to do it all.