“Tim is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever seen.”

Terry Foster, American Airlines

“Tim Rhodes is a  highly articulate and resourceful communicator who leads with compassion and steadiness and is well able to create, develop and execute a successful vision for any organization.”

Julie Colbrese, Vistage International & Hot Coffee Coaching

“Tim has a unique ability to connect with all types of employees—from the boots on the ground to the leaders in the home office. His inclusionary approach allows him to build high performing teams. And once he builds the team, they are able to work together to execute a shared vision.”

Bill Reeder, President, Campus Cooks

“You’ll find Tim to be a thoughtful and engaging leader and a person who can really help you grow.”

Rev. John Thomas, former President, United Church of Christ

“Tim Rhodes has a rare mix of talents. He has the vision to see the big picture and still see individuals as individually important and treat them with care.”

Martin Sonnenberg , President, Task Force Tips, Inc.

“His pastoral approach combined with his business acumen made him a great leader.”

Julie Bogess, CEO, Bethesda Rehab and Senior Care

“He is an articulate, thoughtful leader who provided expertise and insights that were a great asset to our company.”

Jill Krueger, President & CEO, Symbria

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